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how to read music on the grand staff

Learning to read music opens a door to possibility!  Hidden treasures await! Besides hours of enjoyment and discovery, reading notes strengthens and builds brain function.  

The pages of this website have been provided for those who are eager to find answers about the written language of music, and to offer some instructions of how to play the piano.  In contrast, Read Music Method, for young beginners, is filled with images and very few words.  Students confidently turn the pages and begin reading music and playing the piano for the sheer fun of it.  

How to Read Music

Read Music Method workbook
Read Music Method Adult Beginner

Read Music Method, the Graph to Staff Approach, provides an unforgettably fun and easy way to teach and learn how to read music. The beginning stages of reading music are broken into easy progressive steps.  Students gain a deep comprehension of the musical staff, and right away, begin writing and playing their own music.  Tracking and note recognition become second nature. 

Piano Instruction

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