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An interval describes the distance between two notes, including the notes themselves.
The ability to recognize intervals within music is speed reading! 
A 2nd is always a line note and a space note set down beside each other diagonally.  
A 3rd is either two line notes, or two space notes stacked up.
A 4th is a line note and a space note, and a span of four keys on a piano keyboard.
A 5th is two line notes or two space notes making a span of five keys.  A 5th fits perfectly using the thumb and the pinky finger.
A 6th requires a slight stretch of the fingers to span six keys.
A 7th is always two line notes or two space notes, and easy to recognize because they cover so much ground.
An 8th is also called an octave.  An octave means: same letter
, eight notes apart.


intervals: 4ths
intervals: 3rds
intervals: 5ths
intervals: 2nds
intervals: 6ths
intervals: 7ths
intervals: octaves
Read Music Method for Adult Beginners

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