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C Position

To find C Position, place the RH thumb on Middle C and the LH ‘pinky’ finger on the C key one octave lower.










Both hands have their own C, D, E, F, and G.  Try the C Position exercise below.









Notice that the C below Middle C is a space note.  This C position can be a great help in finding your way around the bass clef.  The C chord is easy to recognize and remember, C E G.










Learning to play hands together in C Position in parallel motion is a significant step for beginners. 









Important note:

Hand positions are only used for the beginning stages of learning to play piano. 

C position
parallel motion in C position
C position exercise
C triads in C position
Read Music Method for Adult Beginners

Self-learners and students will gain strong eye to finger coordination in C Position as they advance through the songs and exercises in the Read Music Method.

Piano Instruction

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