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C triad

A triad is a three finger chord of a 1st, a 3rd, and a 5th, which makes a stack of thirds.  







A triad is always either a stack of three line notes or a stack of three space notes that are touching. Recognize a triad by it's snowman shape.








Triads are named by their root which is the lowest note of the stack.  Can you name these triads?








As your eyes and fingers become familiar with triads, the staff becomes more navigable.  Try playing six notes at once starting in C Position and moving up by steps.











Some triads are major chords, and some are minor chords.  A major chord sounds cheerful, and a minor chord sounds mournful.


(answers for above: C, E, G, B, A, F, D, C)

triads, both hands
name these triads
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