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Middle C Position
When hands are placed on the keys of the piano in Middle C Position, both thumbs share Middle C.

Music which is written for Middle C Position usually stays within five white keys
 of Middle C for the purpose of gaining skills in note reading and finger action.  The right hand plays the notes written on the treble staff: Middle C and the keys to the right of Middle C. The left hand plays the notes written on the bass staff: Middle C and the keys to the left of Middle C. 
The Middle C line is the middle line of the staff.  Ironically, it is not
 visible, but understood.  That is why the note for Middle C always has a little ledger line.  In this image, a dotted line shows the Middle C line.  In most cases, not only is the middle line invisible, but the staff is stretched apart at the Middle C line, seeming to create two Middle C lines.  Students must remember that it is still the same line and the same note.
position may seem crowded, to have your thumbs share Middle C, but this is an important position because it will help you to get your bearings for the distance to all the other keys on the keyboard.  For example, your fingers will become very familiar with the distance between Middle C and the C's to the right and left of it.

middle C postion
range of middle C position
contrary motion in middle C position


Middle C line

reaching from C to C




Read Music Method for Adult Beginners

Read Music Method helps students build a strong mental map of the keyboard beginning with Middle C Position and working outward.

Piano Instruction

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