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Finding Middle C
Middle C is the center landmark for reading music.
The pattern of the black keys, alternating sets of twos and threes, helps us to find our way around the keyboard.
To find Middle C, find the most central set of two black keys on your piano.  Middle C is always the key on the left side of the center set of two black keys.

 All of the sets of two black keys have a C on the left.  
The letter names of the white keys repeat:  A B C D E F G, A B C D E F G, A... Remember, there are no H's in music.  
Pianos start with A, and keyboards usually start with a C.  If you start with t
he first key on the left end of your instrument, you can easily name all the white keys in order from lowest to highest.

finding middle C
letter names of white keys
finding the C keys
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