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Reading Notes

Musical notes are markers on a graph designed to show pitches. Every line and space represents a white key on the piano.  The higher the note head is placed on the graph/staff, the higher the pitch.

















Notes that are positioned on a line are called 'line notes', and notes that are in the spaces between the lines are called 'space notes'.  In this diagram, all of the line notes have been highlighted along with their corresponding keys.  The white keys of the piano alternate: line note, space note, line note, space note,...  



Middle C is the center line note of the graph/staff.  The two space notes, on either side of Middle C, are D and B.  


On the staff, the Middle C line is not visable, but understood. This makes seeing D and B as space notes more difficult.  For example, look at the notes below.   Recognize Middle C with it's little ledger line?   See how D and B are hanging out next door to C? 











Reading music = reading lines and spaces on a graph

Stepping up or down on the white keys = line, space, line, space, ...





reading notes by lines and spaces
middle C on the staff
Read Music Method workbook

Read Music Method bridges the beginner gap with loads of visuals and hands-on exercises. Right away, students begin writing and playing their own music.  Tracking and note recognition become second nature.

Piano Instruction

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