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Tracking, Eyes Up

Humans are natural pattern seekers.  As you learn to read music, your eyes will become very quick at seeing patterns of line notes and space notes.  










Do you notice any patterns in the exercise above?  With hands in Middle C Position, a student will be able to play this exercise without glancing down at his or her fingers.  The eyes move from left to right staying a bit ahead of, yet keeping track of, the exact point the fingers are playing in the music.









Notice, as you take a look at the exercise above, how your eyes take account of the patterns and the differences?  Now try the exercise below.  Fascinating isn't it, how your fingers react to what you read?









Through practice fingers become quicker at responding, and the coordination of reading and playing begins to flow.


pattern of contrary motion
pattern of skips and steps
reflected pattern
Read Music Method workbook

This piano method will take first time students easily and logically from beginner to early intermediate.

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