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Hand Positions

Hand positions are useful in the beginning stages of learning to play the piano, giving students a starting place for note recognition. Middle C Position introduces students to the center of the keyboard and the staff.







C Position moves the left hand lower and allows the student to build skills in reading the bass clef.







G Position helps the student to become familiar with many new notes.







I teach students that they can move their hands up or down on the keyboard, as needed. Playing an exercise that moves them through many positions, such as this, is helpful.









Students, who have gained the reading abilitiy to move into intermediate music, no longer need hand positions.

hand positions: middle C
C position on piano keys
G position on piano keys
Middle C Position
C Position
G Position
Read Music Method workbook

Teaching children how to read music is fun and easy from day one, very first lesson, with this beginner method.

Piano Instruction

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